Ieva Jansaviciute MBPsS MBACP

Are you experiencing difficult emotions which are difficult to manage and/or understand? Are difficult feelings impacting your day-to-day functioning? Are you having difficulties in relationships? Do you feel there behaviours that are unhelpful? Have you experienced a major loss or are going through major life changes? Do you feel stuck in relation to your career, future goals? 

Do you feel your emotional wellbeing has been affected by the COVID pandemic situation and imposed restrictions, changes to routines, lack of face-to-face communication that it has brought about?

If so, talking to a professional can help.


Counselling can help to explore these difficulties in a safe and confidential space. With a help of a professional, you can be guided through understanding yourself better, through making sense of your experiences, to more clarity and inner peace - to therapeutic gains that are changes deep within that last for good.

I’m a BACP registered psychodynamic counsellor working with adults (18+) individually in consulting rooms in several locations in London, as well as remotely by telephone and online, and I’m here to support you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.


Ieva Jansaviciute 

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"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength"

- Sigmund Freud


 Ieva Jansaviciute MBPsS MBACP
 Psychodynamic Counsellor

I am an experienced and BACP registered psychodynamic counsellor.  My background is in psychology and mental health. For over 9 years, I have worked in different NHS mental health settings (including an inpatient psychiatric unit, crisis service, and a recovery-focused community project) where I have worked with clients therapeutically individually and in groups, helping them achieve their recovery goals.

More recently, I have worked at a counselling centre in Highgate and at an NHS Talking Therapies service in Haringey, where I have helped clients experiencing anxiety related difficulties (inc. general worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, obsessions and compulsions), also low mood, depression, low self-esteem, unclear life direction, identity-related difficulties, loss and grief, relationship difficulties, eating-related difficulties, unwanted behaviours/addictions.

Currently, I work in private counselling practice and also as a specialist mental health mentor at universities in London, where I help students address obstacles to learning due to experienced mental health difficulties. 

Having worked in London, I have worked with very diverse populations: with adults from different age groups, different genders and sexual orientations, with individuals from different walks of life and from different ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. ​I would call this experience as the most enrichening as it has helped me to learn about the beauty of difference and what makes us unique. ​I therefore like to think past the labels and rather think about an individual experience and what it means to the client.

I offer counselling in English and Lithuanian languages.



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  • BSc (hons) Psychology  

  • MSc Clinical Applications of Psychology

  • FY in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 

  • BACP accred Dip in Psychodynamic Counselling 

Professional Memberships:

  • British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) - 380815

  • British Psychological Society (BPS) - 435756

  • European Association for Counselling - IM2002

  • Lithuanian Psychological Association​ - Active Member

As a member of these professional-standard bodies, I am bound to abide by the code of ethical and professional practice, which includes ensuring clients' safety and confidentiality, and my commitment to maintaining professional standards through on-going supervision and professional development.


What is counselling?
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Counselling is a talking therapy that helps with emotional, psychological and mental health difficulties. It involves having a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space where you can talk about anything that might be on your mind, any difficulties you may be having, and where you can feel heard and understood. As a professional trained in talking therapy, counsellor will use evidence-based techniques to help improve psychological wellbeing and thus quality of life. 

There are different approaches to counselling and different approaches have different session structures and use different techniques. Some approaches may be more helpful (and so more recommended) than others for certain types of difficulties. Certain modalities may also be more helpful depending on what you are looking for.

My approach

My approach to counselling is psychodynamic. Psychodynamic therapy is based on the idea that some of our thoughts and feelings may be out of our awareness, which in turn explains why we may not always rationally know and explain why we feel or act in a certain way. 


Psychodynamic therapy is an exploratory journey that aims to help gain insight into these unconscious processes and how they may be contributing to how me may currently feel, behave and relate to others. It helps to understand self deeply and make sense of psychological difficulties, our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, any repeating relationship patterns, as well as reasons for why we may find ourselves in situations that make us feel unhappy. Such understanding of our situation on a deeper level helps us to get to know our true self, making us psychologically stronger and more in control of our emotional world and our lives. Psychodynamic counselling helps to achieve therapeutic gains that are character - and life -- changing and long--lasting.

What's next?
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Whether you have made up your mind to start counselling or would like to find out more, the next step would be to meet for an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will look at your reasons for seeking therapy and what you would like to achieve from it. I will ask some questions to get a better understanding of your circumstances, how I can help and whether I would be of best help to you.


It is important to have a counsellor that you will feel comfortable with, so the initial meeting will also be a chance for you to meet me and see if you would like to continue working with me. I understand that beginning therapy, especially for the first time, can feel daunting as there might be a lot of unknowns. The initial meeting will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and find out more about the process. 


If we agree to work together, we will begin therapy in subsequent sessions. We will agree a day and time that suits us both and will be meeting at the same time each week.

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There might be mixed feelings about counselling. It is very natural to feel this way because counselling involves getting to know the more unknown parts of ourselves, which can feel daunting. 

Yet it is through this experience of getting to know our true self that we can break free from any unhelpful patterns and distressing symptoms, and feel more content and live authentically.



Difficulties that I have experience in working and offer help with include:

  • Low mood / Sadness

  • Worry / Stress / Anxiety

  • Obsessions / Compulsions

  • Intrusive Thoughts

  • Fear / Phobias / Social Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Feeling Worthless

  • Low Self-esteem / Confidence

  • Lack of Motivation, Lack of Energy

  • Depression

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Loss / Grief

  • Self-harm

  • Unwanted Habits 

  • Health Issues / Coming to Terms with a Life-changing Illness

  • Psychosomatic Symptoms

  • Difficulties with Performance in Professional or Personal Life

  • Unclear Life Direction

  • Difficulties in Relationships

  • Work Related Difficulties / Difficulties with Authority Figures

  • Identity-related Difficulties

  • Sexual Identity

  • Eating-related Difficulties

  • Body Image Difficulties

  • Sexual Abuse and Trauma

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Sessions are offered once weekly.

Sessions last 50 minutes and normally start on the hour (i.e. 18:00 - 18:50).

We will agree a time convenient for both of us and will be meeting at this time each week. 


Sessions are offered in person in one of the consulting rooms and remotely. 

Consulting rooms are based in North London (Holloway) (N7) and Central London (London Bridge) (SE1).

Remote sessions are offered via telephone, Face Time, Skype or Zoom.

**Due to the on-going pandemic crisis only remote sessions are offered currently**


Informal telephone conversation (5-10min) - FREE


Initial consultation (50 min): £55

Individual Counselling Session (50 min): £55 


Initial consultation (50 min): £65

Individual Counselling Session (50 min): £65

I hold a few reduced-fee spaces for individuals who may otherwise not afford therapy



Whether you wish to start counselling or would like to find out more, please contact me using the details below.

North London consulting room: Holloway (Islington) (N7)

Central London consulting room:  London Bridge (SE1)

Thank you for submitting!

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